Worlds built

A star and its two planets in space

This section is really for other writers who are interested in worldbuilding. It is very necessary in scifi, and it takes forever! Still, when you do get it all straight in your head I find that I can ‘see’ everything, and then all I have to do is write down what I can ‘see’.  The Interstellar Enforcement ‘bible’ isn’t even complete here.  I have left out all the finer details … there just isn’t room. 

Usually it takes me longer to get the backgrounds fixed in my mind than it does to write the first draft of the book.

Also for those readers who need to know the background stuff because they get more out of the books that way.  In my experience you are pretty few and far between, but you do exist.  I do occasionally get asked about the worlds I have built.  So here you are – some of the details. 

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