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... or imagination run mad.
So, you might think that worldbuilding is easy.  It really isn’t.  Sometimes I spend weeks on a book setting.  Even months!


And often it entails getting out the paints.  After all nobody else has visualized your world before (you hope).
This is the setting of the latest book, Spectacular Error …

A super, supermassive black hole surrounded by various g objects. 

Onto one of these g objects a domain wall has attached, forming a sphere which encloses  a bubble of different space.  Because of this, the g object has become elongated and filled with exotic matter, causing the formation of a labyrinth of wormholes. 

So I had to paint a couple of mock-ups just to see how it would all fit together.

Worldbuilding is fun.  I think it is one of the most productive parts of Sci-fi writing.  I absolutely love it.  So much to work with, and when things begin to knit together you can really visualize the scene.  It is like watching tv inside your head!