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what has been going on in my life? More books?

Hi everybody, I guess a bit of an update is overdue!  

I have just come out of hospital, which has put a bit of a brake on my writing for the time being!  Still, I am recovering well, and hope to get back to writing soon.  My heart was on the blink and so I was scheduled for an ablation, which went well.  Unfortunately, the intubation that went with the general anaesthetic was not so good, and I had some fairly serious complications.  Since writing takes more concentration than I have had recently, the whole process has been on hold for quite some time.

Bookwise …. I had just about finished the first draft of Spectacular Error, although it is a VERY rough draft with a huge amount of rewriting and many many changes necessary.  So, when and if I can, the idea is to prune that into acceptable shape.  If I manage to do that, then there are really only two further books on the horizon.  One has the working title Cassiopea’s Choice and the final book I am likely to write if I get that far has a working title of The Last BridgeThe Last Bridge would be full-length, but Cassiopea’s Choice could even be a novella.

I don’t know if I will be able to finish these three final books in what is really loosely part of the Interstellar Enforcement series.   I have plans to try to write them, but if I can’t settle then I shall have to turn to fluid acrylics as a way to spend my time!  Definitely much easier and far less stressful.

However, I shall try to complete the planned books, though it is unlikely to be quite as fast as I had hoped.  Best wishes to all my readers,   and thank you for all the support received!


Cover to Spectacular Error, artwork Erik Anderson