Three month free offer

I can’t do much in the current situation

… but I can do this










**** Please note, this offer has now terminated, although at least three of my books are always permafree on Google Play Books ****

I have decided to make ALL my list available for FREE on GOOGLE PLAY for at least the next three months, starting today.

I want people anywhere to have an option to read for nothing.  Right now life is difficult enough.  I would like my stories to have the capacity to reach whoever wants to read them. 

My books won’t suit everybody, but if you like Star Trek, you should get something out of them.  I hope so.

You have the Ammonite Galaxy Series, which is a YA Sci Fi saga for all ages.

Then there is Kelfor, which is a Sci Fi/Fantasy crossover vaguely linked to the Ammonite Galaxy series.  That is a one-off book.

Finally there is the new series, The Interstellar Enforcement Agency series, which is for everybody.  That is running at three books at the moment, with another two related books due out later this year.

I can’t do the same on Amazon, unfortunately. They do not have an option for me to lower the price to zero. The books will be staying at their usual list price there, unless Amazon picks up the offer and price matches.