e-Book Supershell Storm

standalone book

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Adjusting to changes past and present isn’t easy but Nivala’s depleted crew is just about managing…

…Until a devastating surprise attack forces more than one generation to risk their lives.

A stand-alone interquel set in the major shells universe.

Supershell Storm starts six months after the end of the third book in the Interstellar Enforcement Agency trilogy, Exceptional Point.

Supershell Storm can be read as a stand-alone novel but features the characters introduced in previous books.

It is an interquel between the Interstellar Enforcement trilogy and the Quantum Heritage trilogy, all of which form the seven-book series of the Major Shells arc.

The reading order of the Major Shells arc is:

  • Termination Shock
  •  Interdicted Space
  • Exceptional Point
  • Supershell Storm
  • Slipstream Alley
  • Spectacular Error
  • (Still to come) The Last Bridge

reader comments on Supershell Storm ...

“…Finally, a new book from Gillian Andrews!”

“I’m glad she went back to some of the easter eggs from the previous series.  I laughed and cried as I read it!”

“I love that the younger generation is being brought forward.  New battles, new struggles. I couldn’t put this down.”

Loved it.  Loved. It.”