I apologize for not allowing comments on the opinion pieces page, which is really a blog. I just got so overwhelmed with spam that it was stressing me out. So I took the decision to go on a personal vendetta and “Get rid of it! Abolish it! Remove it! Expunge it! Eliminate it! Eradicate it! Exterminate it! Get rid of it!” as Dorothy said to Jim Hacker in the memorable “Yes, Prime Minister”.


Six and Ledin leaping off the cliffs of Pyraklion


So now I write a web story if I think it is a visual thing, or an opinion piece if it is more a wordy sort of thing I want to write about.


Six in the cave on Pictoria


You will find both below in separate tabs, or you can use the dropdown menu. These are just snippets I have written when unable to do anything else that day, so they are just thoughts and musings and some updates on stuff I have been doing.  A bit of a mixed bag, really. I hope you enjoy at least some of them!