Spectacular error is out!

Finally!  After a lot of trouble, the new book is out.  

It has been a long and pretty painful process, to tell the truth.  But it is done!  Book two in the Quantum Heritage series, which is the end trilogy of the Major Shells arc.  One still to come, hopefully at the beginning of 2025.  That will be the Last Bridge.

I hope you like it!  I will put the links up on the main pages in a couple of days, but just wanted to get the news out there. 

I don’t really need to do a cover reveal, because the cover is the main landing page of this website and since you have found this, you have already seen it.  It was designed by Erik Anderson.  

the subtitle of the book is Beyond the Realms of Reason, because the crew of Nivala find themselves this time in such an outlandish place that it could hardly seem to exist.

blackhole, black, hole-6274733.jpg