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Cover of Kelfor, The Orthomancers, by Gillian Andrews

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An EPIC journey to bring a legend to life


Remeny’s people have been enslaved for thousands of years.  her life is bad, and about to get much, much worse.


Luckily she is not alone.  Surprising new friends risk their own lives to save her and escort her on a heart-stoppingly dangerous escape across an entire planet.


Fear and exhaustion lie ahead as they try to stay ahead of a brutal pursuit that not all of them will survive.  But heroes don’t come with age limits and the best friends of all don’t have to be perfect.


Will they ever reach Kelfor?  And does she really hold the key to the astonishing secret hidden there …?


… Or will all the sacrifices be for nothing?











Kelfor is a crossover – young adult scifi fantasy adventure.

reader comments on Kelfor, The orthomancers:

“… a fast read and highly entertaining.”

“To say more would be to take away the exhilarating surprises within this important new work told with grace and style.”

“It’s really well written, it’s descriptive, it’s exciting, and it’s immersive. Overall I’d say it’s wonderful, even tear-wrenching at some points.”

Great book, great read.”