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Nivala is scheduled for a routine tour of duty in the Major Shells, but the Chakrans have other ideas … ideas that will take the small ship and her unique crew light years away from home.

In another part of the galaxy, Masie Avalon is having a bad day.  A really bad day.  Her unreliable step-brother just wagered their ship away, and no ship means no income.  She needs a job and there is only one thing that she might get someone to pay her for … navigating the deadly tides of the infamous Slipstream Alley, where the odds of survival are the lowest in the system.

Just when things are beginning to look up, she realizes that her new employers are not the usual adrenaline seekers, that their ship is older than Methusalah, and that they are on a wanted list.  This isn’t going to go well.

Nivala is on her way to join them in one of the most inhospitable places in the universe, but will she get there in time-




about Slipstream Alley - Reader comments

Slipstream Alley features the characters introduced in previous books.  It starts ten years after the final events in Supershell Storm, and is the first book of a new trilogy, Quantum Heritage, which carries on the Major Shells arc.  


The next book in the series is Spectacular Error (January 2024)

“…I have been waiting for a new book for far too long!”

“I’m so glad she has taken the story onwards.  I like seeing the new generations arrive.”

“I don’t know where she gets her wonderful imagination. I can visualize the places as if I was looking at them.”

Wish I  worked in Jacob’s Coffin.  Despite the risks!