There are two main series and two stand-alone novels. Each series has its own tab

The Ammonite Galaxy series was published between 2011 and 2016 and is Scifi written for young adults of any age.

Kelfor is a standalone novel published in 2017, but very distally linked to the Ammonite Galaxy series.  It is also written for young adults of all ages, and is a crossover scifi fantasy novel

The Interstellar Enforcement agency series consists of three books.  Two were published in 2019 and the most recent at the beginning of 2020

The latest book out is Supershell Storm, a stand-alone interquel which starts six months after the ending of Exceptional Point, the last in the Interstellar Enforcement Agency trilogy.

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Image of Ammonite Galaxy, with Grace looking towards the supermassive central black hole