e-Book Spectacular Error

beyond the realms of reason

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Nivala’s young captain has been forced to take a desperate leap into the unknown.  

Cass isn’t too worried. She’s always longed for adventure and they’ve already come across a rebel heroine, an ancient sentient artificial intelligence and an entire race of strange ethereal beings.  

On the down side, they are spending way, way too much time fending off  locals who are definitely on the homicidal side of hostile.

They are holding their own so far, but one

spectacular error is about to put an end to all that.

… Suddenly, time has run out

 for all of them.


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Spectacular Error follows directly on from Slipstream Alley, forming the second book in the Quantum Heritage trilogy and the sixth book in the Major Shells arc. Still to come: the final book, The Last Bridge.

reader comments on Spectacular Error:

“… I love this series, especially the world building.”

“I already know that I have to read the next one. Just wish she would write faster.”

“Will Gus and Ant ever overcome all their differences? I need to know!!”

I just loved the Labyrinth, with all the wormholes.  I wanted to be there.”