Spectacular error is out! Finally!  After a lot of trouble, the new book is out.   It has been a long and pretty painful process, to tell the truth.  But it is done!  Book two in the Quantum Heritage series, which is the end trilogy of the Major Shells arc.  One still to come, hopefully at […]

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what has been going on in my life? More books? Hi everybody, I guess a bit of an update is overdue!   I have just come out of hospital, which has put a bit of a brake on my writing for the time being!  Still, I am recovering well, and hope to get back to writing

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Cover reveal!

Cover of Supershell storm (subtitle: the future starts today) This will be an ‘interquel’ (word I have just discovered!) between the Interstellar Enforcement Agency trilogy and the new, still to come, Quantum Heritage trilogy. It is my main work in progress now (Jan 2022) and should be out around September this year. This cover is

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