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Full cover of Valhai, First book in the Ammonite Galaxy series, by Gillian Andrews. Young Adult Science Fiction

book one

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Fun and Quirky Scifi Adventure


When he is doped and shipped off to another planet as a donor apprentice, Six is inclined to think that things can’t get much worse.  That’s before he is thrown into a cell with Diva.


No wonder she is on the apprentice program – Six can’t figure out how her wealthy family managed to put up with her for so long.


But there can be no escape – until one Sellite girl discovers just what their future is meant to be …


… And the biggest secret on Valhai wakes up.

Full cover for Kwaide, Second book in the Ammonite Galaxy series.

book two

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Six and Diva are still busy scrapping with each other, but manage to find the time to inadvertently start a revolution on Kwaide.


Arcan may be prepared to help, but even his enormous intellect can’t predict how far the Sellites will go to protect their interests.  Atheron has schemes to deal with all of them, starting with Six …


… And there is a new visitor to the system, one who has come from many thousands of light years away to meet Arcan

Full cover of Xiantha, Third book in the Ammonite Galaxy series, by Gillian Andrews. Young Adult Science Fiction.

book three

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Grace is still blaming herself for the death of two good men on Kwaide, but when they arrive on Xiantha, they find a stunning planet; hot, sunny and full of colour.


For the fist time they can start to relax and enjoy a holiday – at least, until the independent Diva is forced to swallow her pride and beg Six to help her out on a very personal matter.  His decision will change her future.



Meanwhile, back on Valhai, Atheron is grimly determined that nothing is going to stop him this time.  He has been laying his plans for revenge, and they include using Grace to bait a trap which will cause the total destruction of the orthogel entity …



… Not all of them can come out of this unscathed.  What happens on Xiantha will impact their lives forever

Full cover of Pictoria, Fourth book in the Ammonite Galaxy series, showing Ledin.

book four

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Six, Diva and Grace are back laughing together in the sun on Xiantha.  Grace seems to have come to terms with the wounds from her fall and Diva, still blissfully unaware of what a recipe for disaster it might be, is determined to take Six to Coriolis.


Then Ledin arrives for a visit, and the magnificent black canth linked to the orthogel entity is discovered to be desperately ill.  But Arcan is well, so how can that be possible?  And why are the other canths excited, instead of worried?


The answers can only be found on Pictoria, but, once there, they find the visitor missing, pulled across the galaxy by the force of the Dessite minds.  To rescue him will mean risking their own lives on the Dessite homeworld.


But have the Dessites already learned enough to conquer Pictoria and the binary system?

Full cover of The Lost Animas, Fifth book in the Ammonite Galaxy series, showing Grace on Kintara

book five

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Six and Diva need time to get used to the changes in their relationship, but it looks as if everything will have to wait, because the two trimorphs have disappeared.  Only the canths can dimly sense where they are, and what they see appears to greatly distress the animals.


Even so, two of the canths insist on accompanying Six and Diva on an insanely suicidal rescue mission, one which will take them right into the heart of the galaxy and the supermassive black hole which lurks there

Full cover of The Namura Stone, Sixth book in the Ammonite Galaxy series, featuring Tallen

book six

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Six and Diva are coming to terms with family life on Xiantha, but on the other side of the galaxy storm clouds are gathering.  The Dessites have managed to reach Enara, and have proposed an alliance to conquer both Arcan and the lost animas.


Suddenly Arcan finds himself trapped on the Dessite homeworld, fighting a losing battle to survive …


… And everything changes.

Full cover of the Trimorphs, Seventh and Last book in the Ammonite Galaxy series, featuring Raven, Temar and Ashuaia

book seven

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Six and Grace are in grave danger, but the morphics can’t be reached.  They are far, far away in the Luzon Great Void.  It will be down to the next generation to travel into the void to get aid.


But, even with the help of the canths, will they succeed in finding the morphics?


And will the be in time, or will they all be forced into a last, desperate, cataclysmic confrontation?

The Trimorphs is the last book in the seven book Ammonite Galaxy series.

The WHOLE series is also available in audiobook form as FREE individual podcasts, all narrated by the author.



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